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Heidi Asbjornsen

New Content ItemHeidi Asbjornsen is currently an Associate Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Ecohydrology in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire.  She received her MS (1993) and PhD (1999) from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  Prior to arriving to UNH in 2001, she held faculty positions at the Agricultural University of Norway and Iowa State University.  She currently has long-term research projects broadly focused on three main themes: (1) understanding the effects of drought on ecosystem resilience and ecosystem services, including both temperate (New England, USA) and tropical (Ecuador, Peru) ecosystems, (2) sustainable temperate agroforestry systems, including syrup production, chaga mushroom harvesting, and silvopasture), and (3) interdisciplinary research aimed at linking science and policy to support watershed sustainability (Mexico, Ecuador, USA).  She has been awarded two Fulbright Scholarships, the first to study the ecohydrological effects of land use change on tropical montane cloud forests in Mexico, and the second to initiate new research on the ecophysiological and hydrological effects of climate change on paramo ecosystems in Ecuador.  Her primary teaching responsibilities include Silviculture and Tropical Ecology.  She has published over 100 papers in scientific journals on a variety of topics, ranging from forestry, sustainable agriculture, global change, and coupled socio-ecological systems.

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