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Mariana Vallejo

New Content ItemMariana Vallejo is a researcher leader at the Laboratory Plant Community Conservation and management in the Botanical Garden, Biology Institute at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Mariana is a PhD in biological science trained in integral management of ecosystems from Institute for research in ecosystems and sustainability from UNAM. Mariana's research is focused on the management of socio-ecosystems. Additionally, she studies how these spaces of human-nature interaction can conserve high levels of biodiversity, such as agroecosystems, especially in agroforestry systems. Her works are framed in ecology, complexity and complex systems, ethnoecology and ethnobotany, as well as spatial analysis and land management. She has around 30 publications  between articles and book chapters.

Research areas: Ecology plant communities, agroforestry, forest management, ethnoecology and ethnobotany.

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