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Figure 2 | Ecological Processes

Figure 2

From: C:N:P stoichiometry and nutrient limitation of the soil microbial biomass in a grazed grassland site under experimental P limitation or excess

Figure 2

Respiration and microbial nutrient limitation. (a) Basal respiration (μl O2 g−1 soil dry weight h−1), (b) respiratory quotient (qO2 (μl O2 mg−1 Cmic h−1)) and microbial nutrient limitations, measured by SIR as slope of growth increase following application of (c) C, (d) CN, (e) CP and (f) CNP in different soil P-fertilization treatments. Box-plots with upper and lower quartiles. Different letters indicate significant differences between means (Tukey’s test, P = 0.05).

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