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Table 1 Macroecological parameters of the patch-delineation model, and biological data estimated from the literature

From: Shorebird patches as fingerprints of fractal coastline fluctuations due to climate change

   Model parameters  
S p (km2) 0.03 0.04 0.06
Sb/w (km2) 0.01 0.02 0.04
d l (km) 8 12 20
hr (km2) 0.016 2.20 10÷15
hrd (km) 0.12 1.48÷2.40 3.10
nd〉 (km) 0.72 0.96 1.44
m (g) 38÷40 50÷60 180÷200
  1. S p and Sb/ware the minimum population and breeding/wintering area, respectively. d l is the estimated maximum dispersal length. 〈nd〉is the neighborhood distance in the breeding season for Snowy Plover (SNPL), and in the wintering season for Piping Plover (PIPL) and Red Knot (REKN). hr and hrd are the home range and the home range distance estimated considering the breeding regions for SNPL, PIPL, and REKN. m is the average body mass. Data are taken from Burney (2009), Himes et al. (2006), Lamonte and Douglass (2002), Pruner (2010), Aiello-Lammens et al. (2011). Model parameters are assumed considering data and calibrating the patch-delineation model on the observed patch size in 2006 derived from the box-counting.