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Table 1 Percent of favorable habitat for four uncommon soil crust lichens affected by development and natural sites in fair or good wind farm potential categories

From: Wind farm potential is higher in prime habitat for uncommon soil crust lichens

Species % developed or in agriculture CI % in fair or good wind farm potential CI
Acarospora schleicheri 28 25–31 7 5–9
Fuscopannaria cyanolepra 32 27–37 5 3–7
Rhizocarpon diploschistidina 31 25–37 14 10–19
Texosporium sancti-jacobi 42 38–47 10 7–13
  1. The 95% confidence intervals (CI) are based on a normal approximation of the binomial distribution, with sample size equal to the number of points falling in favorable habitats.