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Table 2 Social structure problems in Tabriz

From: Many public urban parks, but who profits from them? The example of Tabriz, Iran

Problems Causes Consequences
Uncontrolled migration of population to Tabriz - Concentrating facilities and activities in the Tabriz urban area - Evacuation of rural areas
- Industrial development from 1955
High percentage of rural migrants with lack of expertise - Lack of employment opportunities and services in rural areas - Establishment of an informal sector in the urban economy
- Employment of migrants in an informal sector
- Formation of marginalized and low-income neighborhoods
High sex ratio, especially in the older age group - Permanent migration of unmarried young men - Population imbalance between males and females
Young people - High rates of fertility - Lack of facilities and services to active group
- High proportion of young migrants in Tabriz
Social stratification in neighborhood areas especially in recent years - Unequal distribution of income between social groups. - Significant differences in neighborhoods based on the level of services and quality of facilities, residential units, and street network
- Employment of unskilled rural migrants in the informal economy
- Assessment and appraisal of land and housing using land quality and neighborhoods facilities