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Table 2 Selected metrics and distribution statistics for landscape fragmentation analysis

From: Using agent-based modelling and landscape metrics to assess landscape fragmentation in Iskandar Malaysia

Landscape metrics/units Purpose of measurement/units
Total Area/Class Area (TA/CA) Landscape and class composition and patch types in Iskandar Malaysia
Unit = m2
Percentage of Landscape (PLAND) Landscape composition and abundance proportion for class analysis
Unit = percent
Largest Patch Index (LPI) Measure of dominance of largest patch in landscape or class
Unit = percent
Edge Density (ED) Edge segments in relation to border of patches for class and landscape boundary
Unit = metres per hectares
Area Mean (Area_MN) Measures all patches within total class/landscape area
Area Standard Deviation (Area_SD) Shows extent of variation/dispersion of the mean values for patches within class or landscape