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Table 1 Comparison of population, public lands, and State Trust Land policies in Cimarron County, OK, and Union County, NM

From: Land tenure and landscape change: a comparison of public-private lands in the southern High Plains

  Cimarron County, OK Union County, NM
Households (n)
 Population (2014) 2294 4297
 Households (2014) 1575 2301
Public lands (ha/%)
 Total area 96,815 176,763
 State Trust Lands (20 %) (18 %)
 Total area 1055 128
 State parks (>1 %) (>1 %)
 Total area 6019 23,686
 Federal lands (1 %) (2 %)
State Lands policy
 Lease/term Less than 5 years 5 years or more
 Preference rights No Yes, if secured properly by lessee
 Open bidding Yes Generally, no. Preference rights given if secured by lessee; otherwise, lessee gets to match any competitive bids
 Sustainability incentives offered No Yes, reduced rents (up to 25 % off)
 Fees reduced during drought No Yes, considered by application
  1. Sources: Culp et al. 2005; CLO 2015; US Census Bureau 2015a; b; Vadjunec (2015); New Mexico State Land Office 2016a, 2016b