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Table 3 Characteristic hydrologic responses for the reference hillslope and hillslope with increased drainage density at watershed outlet O, for an input of h = 0.001 m and parameter values AC = 200 m, AB = 50 m, v h  = 0.2 m s−1, v c,t  = 1 m s−1, v c,l  = 1 m s−1, travel time between the base of the hillslope and watershed outlet t DO = 100 s, grid cell size dx = 1 m and time interval dt = 10 s

From: Surface storm flow prediction on hillslopes based on topography and hydrologic connectivity

Hillslope scenario Q p (m3 s−1) t p (s) t c (s) t cg (s)
Reference 0.01 148 1150 625
Increased drainage density 0.02 248 752 425
  1. Q p is simulated peak flow at the catchment outlet, t p is peak time, t c is time of concentration, and t cg is the center of gravity of the hydrograph