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Table 1 Climate predictor variables used to develop species climate niche models, using non-parametric multiplicative regression

From: Potential influence of wildfire in modulating climate-induced forest redistribution in a central Rocky Mountain landscape

Acronym Definition
MAPa Mean annual precipitation (mm)—log transformed
GSP Mean growing season precipitation (mm; April–September)—log transformed
MTCM Mean temperature (C°) in the coldest month
MTWM Mean temperature (C°) in the warmest month
MMINDD0a Mean degree-days <0 °C
DD5 Mean degree-days >5 °C
PRATIO Precipitation ratio (GSP/MAP)
SDIa Summer dryness index—(√DD5Apr-Sept)/GSP
ADI Annual dryness index—(√DD5)/MAP
  1. aUsed also to delineate ecoregions in LANDIS-II model (see Additional file 1: Appendix 1).
  2. See (Rehfeldt 2006) for methods used to develop these climate data. Climate variables are further described and data are available at