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Table 1 Results of three-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for survival and development of Nilaparvata lugens regarding N, P, and K fertilization

From: Ecological fitness of brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål), to rice nutrient management

SOV df Calculated F value
Nymph survival Nymphal period Fresh wt. of adult Adult survival at 5th day Adult survival at 7th day
N 2 437.38b 106.56b 501.56b 430.01b 632.72b
P 2 2.04ns 2.56ns 49.83b 2.62ns 2.45ns
NP 4 0.82ns 0.27ns 2.60a 2.55ns 2.66ns
K 2 1.21ns 0.53ns 0.21ns 1.14ns 2.09ns
NK 4 0.06ns 0.12ns 0.05ns 0.17ns 0.88ns
PK 4 0.05ns 0.12ns 0.80ns 0.26ns 0.28ns
NPK 8 0.14ns 0.41ns 0.23ns 0.42ns 0.47ns
Error 81  
CV% 6.21% 6.91% 4.88% 9.11% 5.78%
  1. ns non significant
  2. aSignificant at 5% level of probability
  3. bSignificant at 1% level of probability