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Table 1 Soil physical properties at various piospheric distances (in meters)

From: Effect of piospheres on physio-chemical soil properties in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya

  Wet season Dry season
Piosphere Distance (m) BD (gcm−3) %Porosity K-Sat % SA %MC BD (gcm3) Porosity K-sat SA %MC
Dam 20 1.20b 55.84a 0.04a 43.05a 20.90a 1.09c 58.86a 0.05a 48.86a 18.90a
40 1.07ab 59.24ab 0.07a 46.52ab 25.40ab 1.06bc 60.00ab 0.07a 50.00a 21.10a
60 1.05ab 60.00b 0.13b 50.30bc 25.80b 1.06ab 60.00ab 0.11ab 46.17a 19.60a
80 1.02a 60.37bc 0.13b 50.81c 26.20bc 1.05ab 60.37b 0.12b 50.37a 20.40a
100 1.01a 61.13c 0.33c 51.80d 30.70c 1.03a 61.13c 0.29c 51.13a 20.60a
Trough 20 1.23c 53.66a 0.11a 43.92a 18.40a 1.19c 56.23a 0.11a 46.23a 11.60a
40 1.19bc 55.09ab 0.13a 44.53a 21.90ab 1.16bc 56.43ab 0.12a 46.42a 11.90a
60 1.16ab 56.41b 0.19b 50.31b 24.20b 1.14bc 57.17b 0.20a 47.17ab 12.60ab
80 1.09ab 58.87bc 0.94c 50.31b 26.10bc 1.11b 58.11bc 0.89b 48.11ab 12.80ab
100 1.07a 59.81c 5.15d 56.98c 31.80c 0.96a 63.96c 4.68c 53.96b 16.50b
River 20 1.17c 54.72a 0.03a 47.54a 20.10a 1.2d 56.61a 0.02a 46.61a 11.50a
40 1.08ab 59.62ab 0.11ab 48.89ab 21.20a 1.07c 59.64b 0.11a 49.64b 11.60a
60 1.06b 60.37b 0.39b 49.25bc 22.60ab 1.02b 61.52bc 0.37a 51.52bc 11.90a
80 1.05b 61.51bc 4.64c 50.87c 23.10b 1.01b 61.89bc 4.68b 51.89bc 12.60ab
100 1.00a 61.89c 5.81d 55.85d 25.10c 0.89a 66.41c 5.92c 56.41c 13.70b
  LSD 0.05 2.04 3.17 3.74 5.54 0.82 2.93 2.17 3.87 6.95
  1. Means with the same letters within a column are not significantly different (P ≤ 0.05)
  2. Key: BD = Soil bulk density; K-sat = saturated hydraulic conductivity; %SA = Soil aggregate stability; %MC = Soil moisture content