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Table 4 Adjusted ecosystem service value coefficient (VC)

From: Impacts of land use and planning on island ecosystem service values: a case study of Dinghai District on Zhoushan Archipelago, China

Value coefficient Coefficient adjustmentsa Reference
VCfarnland VCfarmland This study
VCorchard (VCforest + VCfarmland)/2 (Feng et al. 2014)
VCforest VCforest This study
VCgrassland VCgrassland/2 This study
VCwater VCriver/lake This study
VCconstruction land (0.5VCforest + 0.4VCgrassland + 0.1VCriver/lake)a0.3483 (HU et al. 2013)
VCothers (VCgrassland + VCdesert)/2 (Xu et al. 2008)
VCtidal marsh VCwetland This study
  1. aThe adjustments of the coefficient were all based on “equivalent value per unit area of ecosystem services in China,” proposed by Xie et al. (2008)