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Table 7 Explanatory variables used in modeling potential habitat suitability of huemul

From: Modeling of potential habitat suitability of Hippocamelus bisulcus: effectiveness of a protected areas network in Southern Patagonia

Category Description Code Unit Data source
Climate Mean annual temperature AMT °C WorldClima
Mean diurnal range MDR °C WorldClima
Isothermality ISO % WorldClima
Temperature seasonality TS °C WorldClima
Max temperature of warmest month MAXWM °C WorldClima
Min temperature of coldest month MINCM °C WorldClima
Temperature annual range TAR °C WorldClima
Mean temperature of wettest quarter MTWEQ °C WorldClima
Mean temperature of driest quarter MTDQ °C WorldClima
Mean temperature of warmest quarter MTWAQ °C WorldClima
Mean temperature of coldest quarter MTCQ °C WorldClima
Mean annual precipitation AP mm year−1 WorldClima
Precipitation of wettest month PWEM mm month−1 WorldClima
Precipitation of driest month PDM mm month−1 WorldClima
Precipitation seasonality PS % WorldClima
Precipitation of wettest quarter PWEQ mm quarter−1 WorldClima
Precipitation of driest quarter PDQ mm quarter−1 WorldClima
Precipitation of warmest quarter PWAQ mm quarter−1 WorldClima
Precipitation of coldest quarter PCQ mm quarter−1 WorldClima
Global potential evapo-transpiration EVTP mm year−1 CSIb
Global aridity index GAI   CSIb
Topography Elevation ELE m.a.s.l. DEMc
Slope SLO % DEMc
Aspect ASP Cosine DEMc
Aspect ASP Sine DEMc
Distance to locality DL km SIT Santa Cruzd
Distance to lakes DWD km SIT Santa Cruzd
Distance to rivers DR km SIT Santa Cruzd
Distance to routs DW km SIT Santa Cruzd
Landscape Forest edge density ED m ha−1 Forest map/Fragstatse
Total core area TCA ha Forest map/Fragstatse
Large parch index LPI % Forest map/Fragstatse
Normalized difference vegetation index NDVI   MODISf
Net primary productivity NPP gr C m−2 year−1 MODISg
Desertification DES Degree CENPATh
Total forest TF Occurrence Forest mapd
Total mixed forests TMF Occurrence Forest mapd
Total N. pumilio TNP Occurrence Forest mapd
Total N. antarctica TNA Occurrence Forest mapd
Total Nothofagus betuloides TNB Occurrence Forest mapd
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  2. bConsortium for Spatial Information (CSI) (Zomer et al. 2008)
  3. cFarr et al. (2007)
  4. dSIT - Santa Cruz (
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  6. fORNL DAAC (2008)
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  8. hDel Valle et al. (1998)