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Table 3 Local people’s knowledge on Eucalyptus woodlot in Gudo Beret Kebele

From: Local people’s knowledge on the adverse impacts and their attitudes towards growing Eucalyptus woodlot in Gudo Beret Kebele, Basona Worena district, Ethiopia

Variable Description Proportion (%)
Do you prefer to grow Eucalyptus? Yes 68.1
No 31.9
Does Eucalyptus have positive impact? Yes 91.5
No 8.5
Does Eucalyptus have negative impacts? Yes 8.5
No 91.5
Was there a difference in crop and forage production due to Eucalyptus woodlot in the nearby area? Yes 90.4
No 9.6
Did you have past knowledge about Eucalyptus? Yes 71.3
No 28.7