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Table 7 Descriptive summary of model variables for Heckman probit outcome model

From: Farmers’ perception of climate change and adaptation strategies in the Dabus watershed, North-West Ethiopia

Dependent variable descriptionFarmers’ adaptation status to climate change
Wet lowlandDry lowland
Adapted (%)Not adapt (%)Adapted (%)Not adapted (%)
 Adaptation (adapted = 1)52484456
Independent variablesMeanSDMeanSD
 Education of HH head (years)5.252.983.981.86
 Household size (number)6.082.445.922.31
 HH head sex (male = 1)0.890.220.90.21
 Farming experience (years)22.6811.4714.717.27
 HH head age (years)43.9913.1243.6111.72
 Crop income (Ethiopian currency)3352.233005.441332.64952.61
 Livestock income (Ethiopian currency)3927.654916.843927.654916.84
 Non-farm income (Ethiopian currency)3393.893726.032566.241899.33
 Extension advice (yes = 1)
 Climate change information (yes = 1)
 Cultivated land size (hectares)2.231.693.851.08
 Plots with steep slope (%)
 Plots with mixed slope (%)
 Semi-fertile plots (%)
 Non-fertile plots (%)
 Shared out land (ha)0.640.461.150.73
 Farm-home distance (km)1.911.122.361.32
 Number of parcels2.080.931.850.85
 Past knowledge of adaptation (yes = 1)0.621.340.481.62