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Table 1 The variables used in the construction of LOICZ budget as per the modelling guidelines detailed in Gordon Jr. et al. (1996)

From: Short-term desalination of Pulicat lagoon (Southeast India) due to the 2015 extreme flood event: insights from Land-Ocean Interactions in Coastal Zone (LOICZ) models

Parameter Definition Units Model inputs Source
A Surface area of the lagoon 106 m2 312 Landsat imagery survey
D Depth of the lagoon m 1.6 Direct field measurements
V Volume of the lagoon 106 m3 499.2 Calculation using area and depth
V P Precipitation volume 106 m3 period−1 358.57 ± 0.0012 GPM Level 3 IMERG Final Daily 10 × 10 km from the half-hourly GPM_3IMERGHH data
V Q Riverine runoff flow volume 106 m3 period− 1 370 ± 0.0012 Obtained from flow accumulation model
S sys Mean system salinity of Pulicat psu 12.265 ± 0.1 Direct field measurements
S OCN Mean system salinity of Bay of Bengal psu 34 ± 0.29 Argo float data from International Argo Program and Argo Data Products for Indian Ocean (Geetha et al. 2011)
S Q Salinity of riverine runoff psu 0.5 ± 0.1 Direct field measurements