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Table 2 Factors influencing the farmers’ decision to participate in watershed management programs

From: Factors affecting farmers’ participation in watershed management programs in the Northeastern highlands of Ethiopia: a case study in the Teleyayen sub-watershed

Dependent variable Description Unit
Y = LFP, Level of Farmers participation Level of household heads’ participation in a watershed management program 1 if participated, 0 otherwise
Independent variables Description Unit
X1 = OFI, Off-farm income obtained from non-farm activities Off-farm income 1 if a household is participated in off-farm activities, 0 otherwise
X2 = LSO, Livestock ownership Households livestock ownership Number in TLU
X3 = LRD, Periodic land redistribution Periodic land redistribution Yes = 1; No = 2
X4 = ES, Educational status Educational status of the household head 1 if a household head is literate, 0 otherwise
X5 = LT, Land tenure security Land tenure security of a household Yes = 1; No = 2
X6 = GHH, Gender Gender of the household head 1 if a household head is male, 0 otherwise
X7 = NALF, Agricultural labor force Number of household members engaged in agricultural activities Number
X8 = FS, Farm size Farm size of the household Hectare (ha)
X9 = EV, Frequency of extension visit Frequency of agricultural extension visits received At least four times in a year = 1; otherwise = 2
X10 = CS, Credit service Access to credit services Yes = 1; No= 2
X11 = PSNP, productive safety net program Household heads’ productive safety net beneficiary 1 if a household head is a PSNP beneficiary, 0 otherwise
X12 = S, Slope Slope of the farmland 1 if the slope is gentle, 0 otherwise