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Table 2 Carbon pool estimates of Indian forest

From: A systematic review on the aboveground biomass and carbon stocks of Indian forest ecosystems

Year Forest area (M ha) Methodology Phytomass carbon pool (Tg C) Source
1880/1980 102.7/64.6 Historical records, ecological data and population-based forest biomass degradation model 7940/3426 Richards and Flint (1994)
1980 52.6 Ecological studies-based mean phytomass density for two forest types 2587 Hingane (1991)
1980/1990 51.73 Using FAO inventories for ecological zone-wise five categories 3322/3117 Dadhwal et al. (1998)
1982/1991 64.2/64.01 State-wise RS-based forest area, field inventories based growing stock and crown density based BEFs for two classes 3978/4071 Dadhwal and Shah (1997)
1985 64.2 Growing stock volume data and single conversion factor 1994 Dadhwal and Nayak (1993)
1986 64.01 RS-based area, crown cover fraction for 16 forest types, Phytomass densities from ecological studies 4179 Ravindranath et al. (1997)
1993 64.01 State-wise growing stock FSI data, BEFs as function of GSVD for three crown density classes, four forest categories 4341.8 Chhabra et al. (2002a, b)
1995 63.96 Forest stratum-wise growing stock volume FSI data and a standard BEF relating to wood volume by IPCC 2026 Lal and Singh (2000)
  1. Procured from: Chhabra et al. (2002b)
  2. Mha 106 ha, Tg C 1012 gC, BEF biomass expansion factor, FSI forest survey of India, GSVD growing stock volume density, IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, RS remote sensing