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Table 5 Probability (p value) of the multiple median comparison tests, for the 10 and 15 largest individuals within each cover type-distance class

From: Tropical ash (Fraxinus udhei) invading Andean forest remnants in Northern South America

  Low forest 300–600 Shrubland 300–600 Tall forest 0–300 Low forest 0–300 Shrubland 0–300
Tall forest 300–600 0.01 1.5E−04 1.3E−05 3.3E−06 2.6E−03
Low forest 300–600   0.02 8.8E−04 3.3E−06 2.6E−03
Shrubland 300–600   0.11 3.3E−06 1.5E−05
Tall forest 0–300   3.3E−06 3.3E−06
Low forest 0–300   3.3E−06
  1. The group has 10 and 15 individuals with the highest diameters at breast height. The result for both groups was the same, and only one table is shown