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Table 8 Temporal and spatial land-use dynamics in some catchments of Ethiopia

From: Competition for land resources: driving forces and consequences in crop-livestock production systems of the Ethiopian highlands

Study areas Land-use change References
Increase Decrease
Beressa watershed (North Shewa) Crop and grazing land Natural vegetation Aklilu 2006
Northern Tigray Cropland Grazing land Hadgu 2008
Fogera Woreda (South Gondar) Cropland Grazing land Hussein 2009
Lenche Dima (North Wollo) Shrubs Cropland and grazing land Hussein 2009
Aba’ala district (Northern Afar) Cropland Grassland and woodland Tsegaye et al. 2010
Nonno district (West Shewa) Cropland Wood and grasslands Messay 2011
Kebribeyah district Cropland Grazing land Yodit and Fekadu 2014
(Somali region)
Mecha Woreda (West Gojam) Woodlots and pasture Cropland and vegetation Eleni et al. 2013
Gilgel Gibe watersheds (Rift valley) Cropland Grazing and vegetation Amanuel 2014
Banja district, Awi zone Cropland and settlement Grazing and vegetation Abyot et al.2014
Infraz watershed, West Gojam Forest and grassland Bush and wetlands Amare 2015
  1. Source: Compiled from different empirical studies