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Table 3 Description of the ET products selected for ET-Amazon

From: The spatial variability of actual evapotranspiration across the Amazon River Basin based on remote sensing products validated with flux towers

Product Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Version Latitudes Ongoing product until present Main Data Input
GLEAM 0.25° Daily V2b 50° N–50° S Yes PMW
SEBS 0.05° Monthly V0 40° N–40° S Yes VNIR, TIR
ALEXI 0.05° Daily 70° N–60° S Yes VNIR, TIR
CMRSET 0.05° Monthly V1405 90° N–90° S No VNIR, SWIR
MOD16 0.01° 16 days MOD16A2 90° N–90° S No VNIR
SSEBop 0.01° Monthly 90° N–90° S Yes TIR
  1. VNIR visible near infrared, SWIR shortwave infrared, TIR thermal infrared, PMW is passive MicroWave