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Table 4 Effects of grazing intensity on mean dry biomass weight of herbaceous species in Chagni ranch, Northwest Ethiopia

From: Effects of grazing intensity to water source on grassland condition, yield and nutritional content of selected grass species in Northwest Ethiopia

Parameters Mean dry biomass weight (g/m2)
TD1 TD2 TD3 TD4 SE DF F-value P value
Highly desirable 71.22b 74.64b 85.26a 86.8a 0.85 3 20.33 0.000
Moderately desirable 29.33 29.83 34.1 35.34 1.38 3 1.2 0.365
Less desirable 40.87b 41.71b 46.28ab 47.39a 0.67 3 5.86 0.017
Mean dry biomass 141.43b 146.15b 165.57a 169.54a 2.49 3 7.85 0.007
  1. a,bMeans with different superscripts for each parameter within the same row were significantly different (P < 0.05)
  2. TD1 transect distance 1, TD2 transect distance 2, TD3 transect distance 3, TD4 transect distance 4