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Fig. 1 | Ecological Processes

Fig. 1

From: Successional trends and processes on a glacial foreland in Southern Iceland studied by repeated species counts

Fig. 1

Map of the sampling sites on the Skaftafellsjökull foreland for 2007 and 2014 with estimated positions of the ice front (see text). Black line segments mark the sample transect locations. Darker areas on the foreland are moraines; lighter areas are terraces of abandoned melt-water streams and bars on the distal outwash plain. These are incised by narrow channels that are darker due to the higher proportion of shrubs and low trees. Inset shows the location of Skaftafellsjökull outlet glacier on southern margin of the Vatnajökull. VC = park visitor center. Figure adapted from imagery downloaded from Google Earth® (image acquisition date August 10, 2015)

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