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Table 2 Classification of SLM practices implemented on farmlands

From: Factors that influence the implementation of sustainable land management practices by rural households in Tigrai region, Ethiopia

Type of SLM measuresa Description Source
Physical soil and water conservation Structures that are implemented on farm plots such as soil and stone bund, terraces and trenches WOCAT 2005; GIZ 2014
Agroforestry practice Growing multi-purpose trees on farm plots such as fruit trees, animal fodder, and the like WOCAT 2005; GIZ 2014; Kirui and Mirzabaev 2015
Agronomic practice Include activities that aim at production and conservation at a time. It includes compost and manure application and other soil fertility management practices GIZ 2014; WOCAT 2005
Indigenous conservation Conservation measures that are originated from the local people and that have been practiced for a long time. It includes contour plowing, crop rotation, and fallowing WOCAT 2005; FAO 2011
  1. aPhysical soil and water conservation, agro-forestry, and agronomic practice are relatively standardized conservation measures that are promoted by the agricultural and natural resources management extension systems, while the indigenous conservation measures are not standardized and rely on local knowledge. This classification focuses on SLM measures that are dominantly practiced on farm plots by individual households in the study sites.