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Table 4 Importance of the variables in the random forest model classification, showed as mean decrease accuracy (MDA; loss of model accuracy if the variable is excluded from the model, higher values indicate greater importance)

From: Using hierarchical spatial models to assess the occurrence of an island endemism: the case of Salamandra corsica

Variables MDA
Elevation 86.16
Maximum temperature July 64.08
Terrain ruggedness 61.08
Deciduous broad-leaved tree 48.12
Annual precipitation 46.53
Fern 36.80
Deciduous liana 30.15
Enhanced Vegetation Index July 16.20
Aciculifolious tree 8.31
Perennial liana 8.02
Perennial broad-leaved bush 7.55
Sub-shrub 5.56
Alien plants % 4.30
Perennial grass 3.06
Deciduous broad-leaved bush 2.29
Perennial broad-leaved tree 0.42
Equisetum 0.00
Lycophyte 0.00
Aciculifolious bush − 2.65