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Fig. 1

From: Variable retention in Tasmania, Australia: trends over 16 years of monitoring and adaptive management

Fig. 1

An overhead aerial view of two aggregated retention (ARN) coupes (a, b) and a clearfell, burn and sow (CBS) coupe (c), showing the area under forest influence. The yellow line indicates the coupe boundary (i.e., the area available for harvest), while the diagonal lines show the portion of the harvested area within one tree height of retained standing forest. Also marked are edge aggregates (E), island aggregates (I), and long-term retention outside of the coupe (ltr, delineated by dashed lines). The ARN coupe in a has 44% retention in edge and island aggregates within the coupe boundary, while the ARN coupe in b has 0% retention within the coupe because conservation objectives are achieved by the long-term retention outside the coupe

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