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Fig. 3

From: Retention and redistribution of biological legacies generate resource sinks in silvopastoral systems of Arid Chaco forests

Fig. 3

Mean (± standard deviation, SE) of litter biomass (a), density (b), richness (c), and diversity (d) of seedlings emerged from soil seedbank in water run-off paths with and without branch barriers under different grazing managements: winter (a 1-ha temporary enclosure in which grazing was excluded until winter season, when it was grazed with a stocking rate adjusted to annual forage availability), and continuous (a 1-ha paddock that remained open to grazing throughout the year with a stocking rate of 0.16 AU ha−1). Different lowercase letter showed significant differences for grazing management × branch barriers interaction (ɒ = 0.05). Different uppercase letters indicated significant differences between levels of one factor (ɒ = 0.05)

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