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Table 2 Species or genera, family, and relative proportion of seedlings emerged from soil seedbank

From: Retention and redistribution of biological legacies generate resource sinks in silvopastoral systems of Arid Chaco forests

Life-form Species Family Relative proportion Annual/perennial Native/exotic
Grasses Cenchrus ciliaris Poaceae 1.88 P E
Cynodon dactylon Poaceae 0.56 P E
Setaria lachnea Poaceae 7.05 P N
Setaria leucopila Poaceae 0.23 P N
Sporobolus pyramidatus Poaceae 39.25 P N
Trichloris crinita Poaceae 15.74 P N
Trichloris pluriflora Poaceae 3.56 P N
Unidentified grass N/A 0.43
Herbs Abutilon sp. Malvaceae 1.58
Alternanthera pungens Amaranthaceae 2.73 P N
Boerhavia difussa Nyctaginaceae 0.07 P E
Boerhavia sp. Nyctaginaceae 0.03
Euphorbia hyssopifolia Euphorbiaceae 1.42 A N
Euphorbia sp. Euphorbiaceae 0.1
Gomphrena pulchella Amaranthaceae 7.01 P N
Justicia squarrosa Acanthaceae 1.02 P N
Lantana sp. Verbenaceae 0.26
Oxalis sp. Oxalidaceae 0.2
Portulaca confertifolia Portulacaceae 1.98 P N
Portulaca cryptopetala Portulacaceae 0.43 A N
Portulaca oleracea Portulacaceae 3.26 P E
Portulaca sp. Talinaceae 2.14
Selaginella sp. Selaginellaceae 0.13
Solanum juvenale Solanaceae 0.23 P N
Solanum nigra Solanaceae 0.16 P N
Sonchus oleraceus Asteraceae 2.14 A E
Sonchus sp. Asteraceae 0.01
Talinum fruticosum Talinaceae 0.23 P E
Talinum paniculatum Talinaceae 4.48 P E
Taraxacum officinale Asteraceae 0.3 A E
Unidentified sp. 1 N/A 0.03
Unidentified sp. 2 N/A 0.07
Unidentified sp. 3 N/A 0.03
Unidentified sp. 4 N/A 0.03
Unidentified sp. 5 N/A 0.23
Unidentified sp. 6 N/A 0.1
Unidentified sp. 7 N/A 0.07
Unidentified sp. 8 N/A 0.64
Shrubs Larrea divaricata Zygophyllaceae 0.03 P N
Woody climber Unidentified climber N/A 0.03
Small tree Parkinsonia praecox Fabaceae 0.13 P N