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Fig. 1

From: Two decades of variable retention in British Columbia: a review of its implementation and effectiveness for biodiversity conservation

Fig. 1

Percent of total harvested area using variable retention (line) and area harvested (bars) using different variable retention types over 20 years by MacMillan Bloedel/Weyerhaeuser/Cascadia (1999–2006) and Western Forest Products (2007–2018) in BC Coastal forest operations. Total area through 2004 includes private lands (now Island Timberlands). Group = aggregated retention with groups predominantly 0.25 ha or larger; Dispersed = single trees or small clusters of trees spread across a cutblock; Mixed = both group and dispersed retention in the same cutblock; Other = patch cut, shelterwood or selection systems (with long-term reserves). Retention type was not tracked after 2008 because nearly all VR was aggregated retention

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