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Table 3 Relative stock change factors (FLU, FMG, and FI) (over 20 years) for different management activities on cropland

From: Assessment of land use change and its effect on soil carbon stock using multitemporal satellite data in semiarid region of Rajasthan, India

Factor value type Level Temperature regime Moisture regime GPG revised default
Land use (FLU) Long-term cultivated Temperate Dry 0.82
Wet 0.71
Tropical Dry 0.69
Wet 0.58
Land use (FLU) Paddy rice Temperate and tropical Dry and wet 1.1
Land use (FLU) Set aside (< 20 years) Temperate and tropical Dry 0.93
Wet 0.82
Tillage (FMG) Full Temperate Dry and wet 1.0
Tropical Dry and wet 1.0
Tillage (FMG) Reduced Temperate Dry 1.03
Wet 1.09
Tropical Dry 1.10
Wet 1.16
Tillage (FMG) No-till Temperate Dry 1.10
Wet 1.16
Tropical Dry 1.17
Wet 1.23
Input (FI) Low Temperate Dry 0.92
Wet 0.91
Tropical Dry 0.92
Wet 0.91
Input (FI) Medium Temperate Dry and wet 1.0
Tropical Dry and wet 1.0
Input (FI) High–without manure Temperate and tropical Dry 1.07
Wet 1.11
Input (FI) High–with manure Temperate and tropical Dry 1.34
Wet 1.38
  1. Source: IPCC Good Practice Guidance for LULUCF, 2003