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Table 7 Enumeration of dye-yielding plants used by the Karbi tribe in East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary

From: Non-timber forest products and their contribution to healthcare and livelihood security among the Karbi tribe in Northeast India

Scientific name Local name Habit Parts used Uses
Croton caudatus Geisel. (Euphorbiaceae) So-ik T St Dye obtained is used in the traditional wooden craft Jambili Athon.
Curcuma longa L. (Zingiberaceae) Thermit H Rh Yellow dye is used in weaving garment products.
Ehretia acuminata R.Br. (Boraginaceae) Chorsim T F, L Dye extracted from it is used in colouring hijap (hand fan), tarso (small mat), and jambili (traditional bags).
Garcinia xanthochymus Hook.f. ex T.Anderson (Clusiaceae) Tichamprang T F Yellow dye extracted is used in colouring yarns and garments.
Indigofer tinctoria L. (Fabaceae) Duli S L, Fl Both the parts are said to give brownish tinge to garments.
Strobilanthes cusia (Nees) Kuntze Brem. (Acanthaceae) Burot H Tw Indigo dye is obtained and used to dye various traditional clothes among the Karbi tribe.
Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb. (Combretaceae) Kuru T F Dye obtained are rubbed on fibres or ropes to give black colour.
  1. T tree, H herb, S shrub, C climber, L leaves, R root, B bark, F fruits, St stem, P petioles, Sh shoot, Rh rhizome, Wp whole plant, Fl flower, Bu bud, Tu tuber, Tw twig, In inflorescence, La latex, Co corm, O oral, T topical, N nasal, I inhaling