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Table 2 Characteristics of selected species based on Troup (1921), Verma et al. (1993), and Singh et al. (2003)

From: Effects of light availability on leaf attributes and seedling growth of four tree species in tropical dry forest

ParameterAcacia catechuBriedelia retusaLagerstroemia parvifloraShorea robusta
Leaf phenologyHighly deciduousShort-deciduousShort-deciduousSemi-evergreen
Drought toleranceHighLowModerateVery low
Light preferenceStrong light demanderShade tolerantLight demanderShade tolerant
Seedling growthFastSlowModerateModerate
SoilSandy and gravelly loamSandy loamLoamPorous loam
Habitat preferenceDry deciduous forestMixed dry tropical forestMixed dry tropical forestMoist deciduous forest