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Table 4 Summary of repeated measures ANCOVA, with light (LT1) as covariate, on functional attributes of seedlings of four tropical dry forest tree species (only main effects and two-way interactions are shown)

From: Effects of light availability on leaf attributes and seedling growth of four tree species in tropical dry forest

SS × ST230***13000***138***8.72***652***454***172.8***19.05***
SS × SP1770***15700***2971***4.6**2886***848.5***1650***145.7***
ST × SP4.40***214***35.5***7.57***73.65***22.28***11***16.67***
  1. The residual df is 415. YR, year; ST, site; SS, season; SP, species; SLA, specific leaf area; LDMC, leaf dry matter content; LNC, leaf nitrogen concentration; LPC, leaf phosphorus concentration; Chl, chlorophyll concentration; Gsnet (= Gsmass, mass-based stomatal conductance); Anet (= Amass, mass-based photosynthetic rate); RGR, relative growth rate. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001