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Table 1 Sampling sites and dates of sample collection in the recipient habitat and native habitat of L. microphyllum

From: Soil biotic and abiotic conditions negate invasive species performance in native habitat

SitesCoordinatesSampling dates
Recipient, FL, US
 1Tree Tops Park26° 4′0.04″N, 80° 16′ 5.88″WDec, 2010
 2Central Florida28° 23′ 4.03″ N, 81° 44′ 41.30″ WJune, 2012
 3Jonathan Dickinson27°0′37.33″N, 80°7′20.28″WDec, 2010
Native, Queensland, AU
 1Daintree Ferry16°15′25.57″S, 145°24′3.94″EJune, 2011
 2Logan Reserve27°40′4.16″S, 153°16′0.44″EJune, 2011
 3Nudgee27°22′31.12″S, 153° 5′39.42″EJune, 2011