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Table 3 Mean (Std. Dev.) of the selected soil chemical characteristics in the native sites in Australia and invaded sites in Florida

From: Soil biotic and abiotic conditions negate invasive species performance in native habitat

VariableCentral Florida (FL)Daintree (AU)Jonathan Dickinson (FL)Logan (AU)Nudgee (AU)Tree Tops (FL)
C %4.03 (0.84)c2.70 (0.44)c3.02 (1.88) c12.90 (2.43)b4.28 (1.19)c22.43 (4.15)a
Ca (mg g−1)0.41 (0.13)b0.47 (0.11)b3.35 (1.77)b0.43 (0.25)b0.09 (0.01)b17.21 (6.31)a
Cu (μg g−1)8.42 (2.81)b43.94 (12.31)a1.84 (0.54)c10.16 (0.57)b6.74 (1.57)b14.76 (4.02)b
K (mg g−1)0.16 (0.10)b1.77 (0.35)a0.09 (0.05)b1.49 (0.30)a0.12 (0.02)b0.18 (0.05)b
Mg (mg g−1)0.20 (0.10)c0.55 (0.18)b0.21 (0.11)c1.27 (0.17)a0.25 (0.05)c0.68 (0.27)b
Mn (mg g−1)0.02 (0.01)b0.27 (0.14)a0.02 (0.01)b0.02 (0.00)b0.04 (0.00)b0.05 (0.03)b
N %0.20 (0.26)c0.18 (0.03)c0.49 (0.10)b0.71 (0.04)b0.26 (0.10)c1.27 (0.17)a
OM %8.65 (1.09)c8.07 (2.89)c4.32 (0.90)c35.50 (7.04)b11.45 (4.71)c44.42 (2.71)a
P (mg g−1)1.03 (0.25)a0.91 (0.16)a1.15 (0.09)a1.16 (0.05)a0.97 (0.06)a1.22 (0.16)a
  1. Means within rows followed by same letter are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05