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Table 4 Runoff and soil loss in grazing land (GL) and cultivated land (CL) over the three study years

From: The influence of grazing and cultivation on runoff, soil erosion, and soil nutrient export in the central highlands of Ethiopia

YearRunoff (mm), mean ± SDSoil loss (t ha–1, mean ± SD)
2007234.8 ± 9.3b218.8 ± 7.1b31.8 ± 2.1a42.8 ± 2.1a
2008325.1 ± 5.4a305.7 ± 3.3a33.5 ± 0.6a49.6 ± 3.5a
2009282.0 ± 7.3b251.7 ± 5.3b33.7 ± 2.6a44.3 ± 2.5a
p value0.0150.0500.5500.300
  1. Columns with different letters are significantly different at 0.05 level, GL grazing land, CL cultivated land, SD standard deviation