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Table 2 Correlation between plant biomass production and soil moisture conditions

From: Sustainable land management interventions lead to carbon sequestration in plant biomass and soil in a mixed crop-livestock system: the case of Geda watershed, central highlands of Ethiopia

 PBMSCSCSSM (20 cm)SM (40 cm)
Plant biomass1    
Main season C stock0.999a1   
C sequestered0.851a0.832a1  
Soil moisture (20 cm)0.707a0.694a0.803a1 
Soil moisture (40 cm)0.694a0.641a0.782a0.932a1
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (two-tailed); PB plant biomass, MSCS main season carbon stock, CS carbon sequestered, SM (20 cm) soil moisture at 20-cm depth, SM (40 cm) soil moisture at 40-cm depth