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Table 2 Significance test results of runoff (R), runoff coefficient (RC), and soil loss (SL) between plots with different treatments

From: Runoff and soil loss responses of cultivated land managed with graded soil bunds of different ages in the Upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia

Treatments R (mm) RC (%) SL (t ha−1)
New soil bund (Pnew) 479.85 31.08 23.50
Old soil bund (Pold) 644.61 41.75 45.56
Non-treated (Pnon) 737.51 47.77 58.15
ANOVA F-ratio 25.22a 3.59b 3.07b
  1. a” and “b” indicate the mean difference is significant at 0.001and 0.05, respectively