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Table 3 Multiple comparisons of mean differences of runoff (R), runoff coefficient (RC), and soil loss (SL) between the three treatments

From: Runoff and soil loss responses of cultivated land managed with graded soil bunds of different ages in the Upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia

Treatments (I) Treatments (J) Mean difference (IJ)
R (mm) RC (%) SL (t ha−1)
New soil bund (Pnew) Old soil bund (Pold) − 2.17 − 11.23a − 0.29
Non-treated (Pnon) − 3.39b − 17.19a − 0.46b
Old soil bund (Pold) New soil bund (Pnew) 2.17 11.23a 0.29
Non-treated (Pnon) − 1.22 − 5.96b − 0.16
Non-treated (Pnon) New soil bund (Pnew) 3.39b 17.19a 0.46b
Old soil bund (Pold) 1.22 5.96b 0.16
  1. a” and “b” indicate the mean difference is significant at 0.001 and 0.05, respectively