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Table 5 Interaction effects of sub-watersheds with landscape positions, land uses, and soil depths on selected soil chemical properties

From: Effects of sustainable land management interventions on selected soil properties in Geda watershed, central highlands of Ethiopia

Sub-watershed (SW) × landscape position (LP)
 Untreated upper0.049ab6.40a0.059b6.06b0.36c0.442c0.468a
 Untreated lower0.043b6.20a0.068b6.40b0.52b0.400c0.502a
 Treated upper0.063a5.94b0.098a11.53a0.46b0.919b0.367c
 Treated lower0.063a6.28a0.117a10.71a0.63a1.047a0.415b
Sub-watershed (SW) × land use (LU)
 Untreated crop0.041b6.360.064b6.69c0.416b0.470b0.506a
 Untreated grazing0.050ab6.240.062b5.77c0.466ab0.372b0.464ab
 Treated crop0.067a6.100.118a12.98a0.549a1.042a0.374c
 Treated grazing0.059a6.120.096a9.26b0.532a0.924a0.407bc
Sub-watershed (SW) × soil depth (SD)
 Untreated 0–15 cm0.036b6.44a0.082b6.99c0.53ab0.514c0.522a
 Untreated 15–30 cm0.056a6.16bc0.045c5.47c0.36c0.323d0.448b
 Treated 0–15 cm0.058a6.23b0.122a13.31a0.59a1.181a0.394c
 Treated 15–30 cm0.068a5.99c0.092b8.93b0.49b0.785b0.388bc
P–SW × LP****************
P–SW × LU*ns************
P–SW × SD*****************
  1. Interaction means under each heading within columns followed by different letters are significantly different from each other at P ≤ 0.05; *significant at P ≤ 0.05; **significant at P ≤ 0.01; ***significant at P ≤ 0.001; ns non-significant; EC electrical conductivity (dS m−1); pH soil reaction (pH meter); Ex.K exchangeable potassium; Av.P available phosphorus; TN total nitrogen; OC organic carbon; Ex.Na exchangeable sodium