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Table 1 The list of seven Earth system models used in this study from CMIP6

From: A traceability analysis system for model evaluation on land carbon dynamics: design and applications

Institute Earth system model Land model
Beijing Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration, China BCC-ESM1 BCC-AVIM2
Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis, Victoria BC, Canada CanESM5 CLASS-CTEM
National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA CESM2 CLM5.0
IPSL Climate Modeling Centre, France IPSL-CM6A-LR ORCHIDEE
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Japan MIROC-ES2L VISIT-e
National Center for Meteorological Research, Météo-France and CNRS laboratory, Toulouse, France CNRM-ESM2-1 ISBA
EC-Earth Consortium, Europe EC-Earth3-Veg LPJ-GUESS