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Table 1 Soil physical and chemical factors of four land uses of the semiarid region of Delhi

From: Assessment of soil microbial and enzyme activity in the rhizosphere zone under different land use/cover of a semiarid region, India

Soil parameters PFC MFC AF VF
SC/SN 9.52 (0.11)a 10.15 (0.08)a 9.5 (0.18)b 12.4 (0.09)c
SP (mg L-1) 2.22 (0.01)a 1.95 (0.02)b 1.73 (0.02)c 1.84 (0.62)bc
SM (%) 3.57 (0.03)a 5.41 (0.05)b 3.92 (0.05)c 4.70 (0.02)d
Soil texture Sandy loam Sandy loam Loamy sand Sandy loam
  1. Values are means (standard error) and letters denote significant difference among land use types (P < 0.05)
  2. SC/SN soil carbon to soil nitrogen ratio, SP soil phosphorus, SM soil moisture, PFC P. juliflora forest cover, MFC mixed forest cover, AF agriculture field, VF vegetable field