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Table 2 Metrics used at the class and landscape levels to analyze the distribution of the suitable habitat of Amygdalus scoparia in different classes of landform (McGarigal 2012)

From: Landscape structure and suitable habitat analysis for effective restoration planning in semi-arid mountain forests

Metrics Abbreviation Units Range
Number of patch NP None NP>  0
Total edges TE Meters TE≥ 0
Edge density ED Meters per hectares ED≥ 0
Mean patch size MPS Hectares MPS>  0
Mean shape index MSI None MSI≥ 1
Large patch index LPI % 0 < LPI <  100
Contagion index CONTAG % CONTAG>  0
Shannon’s diversity index SHDI None SHDI >  0
Euclidean mean nearest neighbor MNN M MNN >  0
Landscape shape index LSI None LSI ≥ 1