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Table 1 Chemical properties of the soil in Parque Jardim da Conquista, the site of litterfall material exposure. pH potential of hydrogen, P phosphorus (mg/dm3), K potassium (mg/dm3), Ca calcium (cmolc/dm3), Mg magnesium (cmolc/dm3), H+Al hydrogen + aluminum (cmolc/dm3), SB sum of bases (cmolc/dm3), SOM soil organic matter (dag/kg), V base saturation (%)

From: Ecological implications of twentieth century reforestation programs for the urban forests of São Paulo, Brazil: a study based on litterfall and nutrient cycling

Soil depth pH P K Ca Mg H+Al SB SOM V
0–20 cm 6.1 230 207 5.35 1.72 1.9 7.6 2.74 80