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Table 1 A snapshot of sampling sites

From: Habitat heterogeneity influences avian feeding guild composition in urban landscapes: evidence from Bhubaneswar, India

Sl no. Place Habitat Sampling site details Level of disturbance
1 Ekamra Kanan 1 FP One part of the reserve forest and undisturbed area Low
2 Khandagiri FP Undisturbed area but near to road and tourist spot Moderate
3 Patrapada FP Undisturbed area surrounded by shrubland Low
4 Nandankanan Botanical Garden FP One part of wildlife sanctuary area but open for public Moderate
5 Nandankanan FP Zoological park and wildlife sanctuary High
6 Kapilaprasad AL Agricultural land near to a road Moderate
7 Kalyanpur AL Agricultural land near a river Low
8 Kiakani Lake AL Agricultural field near a small industrial area Moderate
9 Daruthenga AL Agricultural fields near the village Low
10 OUAT Farm House AL Agricultural fields near the airport and inside the university campus Low
11 RPRC Lake 2 GL Grassland near wetland Low
12 Gangua Nala GL Grassland near a polluted water channel Moderate
13 Hi-tech Hospital Area GL Undisturbed grassland near a riverbank Low
14 Balianta GL Grassland near river and village Moderate
15 Chintamaniswar Pond GL Grassland near pond surrounded by human habitation Moderate
16 ITER Campus HH Human habitation with high urban structure High
17 OSAP BN-7 HH Human habitation with moderate canopy cover High
18 Utkal University HH Human habitation but with a large canopy cover High
19 Old AG Colony HH Human habitation with high population density High
20 GGP Colony HH Human habitation with high population density High
21 Ekamra Kanan 2 PG Park area connected with a reserve forest High
22 Madhusudan Park PG Park area beside the airport High
23 Budha Park PG Park area near human habitation High
24 Bindu Sagar PG Park area near human habitation and pilgrimage site High
25 Biju Patnaik Park PG Park area near hospital and surrounded by human habitation High
26 RPRC Lake 1 WL Wetland near park area and small office complexes Moderate
27 Badagada WL Wetland near highway Moderate
28 Kanjia Lake WL Wetland near a wildlife sanctuary area Low
29 Deras Dam WL Wetland and dam area surrounded by reserve forest and one part open as a tourist spot Low
30 Daya River WL Riverine ecosystem near the peripheral city Low
  1. GL grassland, WL wetland, FP forest patch, PG park and garden, AL agricultural land, HH human habitation