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Table 3 Variables used to analyse the map of potential biodiversity of vascular plant species in Santa Cruz Province

From: Improving the knowledge of plant potential biodiversity-ecosystem services links using maps at the regional level in Southern Patagonia

Type Variables Code Unit Data source
Environmental variables Annual mean temperature AMT °C WorldClim(1)
Max temperature of the warmest month MAXWM °C WorldClim(1)
Min temperature of the coldest month MINCM °C WorldClim(1)
Annual precipitation AP mm year−1 WorldClim(1)
Elevation ELE m.a.s.l. DEM(2)
Distance to lakes DLK km SIT Santa Cruz(3)
Distance to rivers DR km SIT Santa Cruz(3)
Global potential evapotranspiration EVTP mm year−1 CSI(4)
Normalized difference vegetation index NDVI Addimensional MODIS(5)
Ecological areas   Categories Oliva et al. (2004)
Ecosystem services proxies Soil organic carbon SOC kg m−2 Peri et al. (2018)
Soil total nitrogen STN kg m−2 Peri et al. (2019b)
Annual net primary productivity ANPP gr C m2 year−1 MODIS(6)
Desertification DES Addimensional Del Valle et al. (1998)
Sheep presence probability SPP SPP km−2 Pedrana et al. (2010)
Aesthetic values AES Addimensional Martínez Pastur et al. (2016b)
Existence values EXS Addimensional Martínez Pastur et al. (2016b)
Local identity values LI Addimensional Martínez Pastur et al. (2016b)
Recreational values REC Addimensional Martínez Pastur et al. (2016b)
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  2. (2)Farr et al. (2007)
  3. (3)SIT - Santa Cruz (
  4. (4)Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI) (Zomer et al. 2008)
  5. (5)ORNL DAAC (2008)
  6. (6)Zhao and Running (2010)