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Table 3 Comparison of light-use efficiency models for gross primary production (GPP)

From: Lateral detrital C transfer across a Spartina alterniflora invaded estuarine wetland

Model FAPAR εg ε0 Reference
TURC f(NDVI) ε0 0.24 Ruimy et al. (1994)
GLO-PEM f(NDVI) ε0 × T × SM × VPD 0.14 Prince and Goward (1995)
MODIS-PSN f(LAI) ε0 × T × VPD 0.22 Running et al. (2004),
Running and Zhao (2019)
3-PG f(LAI) ε0 × T × SM × VPD 0.48 Law et al. (2000)
VPM f(EVI) ε0 × T × SM × W × P 0.48 Xiao et al. (2004)
  1. GPP=εg×FAPAR×PAR or GPP=εg×FAPARPAV×PAR. The scalars for light-use efficiency (εg) include temperature (T), soil moisture (SM), water vapor pressure deficit (VPD), canopy water content (W), and leaf phenology (P). FAPAR fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation, NDVI normalized difference vegetation index, LAI leaf area index, EVI enhanced vegetation index, ε0 maximum light-use efficiency