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Table 1 Location and basic characteristics of the three steppe sites of Inner Mongolia, China

From: Divergent responses of plant biomass and diversity to short-term nitrogen and phosphorus addition in three types of steppe in Inner Mongolia, China

Site Location MAT (℃) MAP (mm) Vegetation Dominant Soil pH SOC (g kg−1) TN (g kg−1) TP (g kg−1)
type species type
MG 48° 55ʹ N, 119° 11ʹ E − 0.84 362 Meadow steppe Leymus chinensis, Carex duriuscula Calcic Chernozems 6.60 21.79 2.09 0.44
TG 43° 94ʹ N, 115° 86ʹ E 2.28 256 Typical steppe Stipa krylovii, Convolvulus ammannii Haplic Kastanozems 8.34 19.77 2.09 0.38
DG 41° 70ʹ N, 110° 10ʹ E 7.09 284 Desert steppe Stipa krylovii, Heteropappus altaicus, Convolvulus ammannii Calcic Kastanozems 8.90 6.93 0.70 0.38
  1. Climatic variables, including mean annual temperature (MAT) and mean annual precipitation (MAP) (1998–2018) for each site, were derived from the China Meteorological Data Service Centre (
  2. SOC soil organic carbon, TN soil total nitrogen, TP soil total phosphorus