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Table 2 Soil textural properties, organic carbon, nitrogen and pH at various piospheric distances

From: Effect of piospheres on physio-chemical soil properties in the Southern Rangelands of Kenya

  Wet Season Dry season
Piosphere Distance(m) % Sand % Clay % Silt % OC % N pH %Sand % Clay % Silt % OC % N pH
Dam 20 65.40c 28.50a 6.10a 2.92d 0.35b 6.46b 64.60c 28.62a 6.78a 3.01d 0.36b 6.42b
40 62.80b 32.50ab 4.70a 2.74cd 0.33ab 6.03b 62.84bc 32.57ab 4.59a 2.69cd 0.31ab 6.04b
60 62.60b 34.50bc 2.90a 2.58bc 0.24ab 5.85ab 62.71bc 34.29bc 3.01a 2.54cd 0.21a 5.88ab
80 62.60b 34.50bc 2.90a 2.56ab 0.14ab 5.85ab 61.90b 34.51bc 3.59a 2.59bc 0.21a 5.72a
100 55.80a 36.50c 7.70a 2.43a 0.09a 5.75a 55.80a 36.50c 7.71a 2.33ab 0.21a 5.66a
Trough 20 61.50b 29.50a 9.01a 3.21d 0.43c 6.32b 61.50b 32.50a 6.01a 3.14d 0.37b 6.43b
40 60.40b 31.60ab 8.02a 3.21d 0.26b 6.07ab 61.21b 34.60ab 4.19a 3.07cd 0.33ab 6.08b
60 58.70ab 34.30bc 7.01a 3.15cd 0.23ab 5.92ab 58.75ab 35.32bc 5.93a 2.96bc 0.25ab 5.94ab
80 57.64ab 35.20bc 7.16a 2.98ab 0.22ab 5.88ab 57.37ab 38.50bc 4.13a 2.89ab 0.20a 5.89a
100 55.82a 36.90c 7.28a 2.92a 0.19a 5.71a 55.72a 40.50c 3.67a 2.85a 0.18a 5.76a
River 20 64.92c 28.60a 9.80a 3.42c 0.23ab 6.37b 64.92c 26.50a 8.58a 3.24d 0.25b 6.26c
40 63.21c 29.50a 7.19a 3.02bc 0.23ab 6.05b 61.21bc 29.50ab 9.28a 2.91cd 0.24b 6.03b
60 60.30bc 32.10b 9.29a 2.92ab 0.22ab 5.87ab 59.89bc 32.10bc 9.01a 2.88bc 0.21a 5.93ab
80 58.5b 32.50bc 9.10a 2.53ab 0.21a 5.81a 57.90b 32.50bc 9.60a 2.61ab 0.23a 5.85a
100 54.70a 35.50c 9.80a 2.28a 0.21a 5.69a 54.81a 35.46c 10.69a 2.41a 0.19a 5.82a
  LSD 7.15 6.02 5.33 0.66 0.16 0.33 5.51 4.2 4.79 0.28 0.04 0.27
  1. Means with the same letters within the same column are not significantly different (P ≤ 0.05; Soil Textural Class = Sandy Clay Loam
  2. Key: OC = Soil organic carbon; N = Total Nitrogen